On 10/12/05, Orlando Figueiredo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Thanks everybody for your sugestions and posts.
>  I was abble to install the ufraw plugin using yum...
>  Now, in the open window of gimp I can chosse the option to open the raw
> format and it also includes *.cr2 which is the eos350D format. The problem
> is that when I click to open the image I get a message that says that
> eos350D is not suppoeted yet.
>  I went to Dave Coffin's home page
> <http://www.cybercom.net/~dcoffin/dcraw/> and I checked the
> list and the eos350d is there. So I am confused and do not know what the
> next step is?
>  Any ideas??

Maybe you have an outdated dcraw package, or you are missing a plugin
or similar.  In such circumstances, the solution would to go through
the painstaking process of downloading gimp development packages for
your distribution, and building dcraw from source.

Logically, my head tells me that

yum install gimp-devel

should work, although I've never used Fedora, as above.

Then, presuming you have necessary packages like tar, gzip, make and
gcc on your system (I don't remember if they're part of Fedora's
default install) you can simply go:

tar -xvzf dcraw-x-y-z.tar.gz
cd dcraw-x-y-z

and then

# make install

[meaning run "make install" as root, either via su, sudo, or under
root from a terminal login]

similar to many other programs when building from source.  But there's
no research behind this -- and hopefully dcraw comes with better
and/or more detailed instructions in the package (if any).

Like above, this is all guesses, and more likely than not unhelpful. 
A user of Fedora probably has a better answer.

>  Thanks a lot... I really appreciated the previous help and please keep
> helping me
>  Orlando
> 2005/10/12, Bruno Postle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > On Wed 12-Oct-2005 at 14:44 +0100, Bruno Postle wrote:
> >
> > > Dcraw is actually part of Fedora fc4 extras, you should be able to
> > > get it like so:
> > >
> > >   yum install dcraw
> > >
> > > (Though this doesn't give you any of the raw plugins for the gimp)
> >
> > For that you need ufraw:
> >
> >   yum install ufraw
> >
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