On Thu, Oct 13, 2005 at 11:24:39PM +0100, Orlando Figueiredo wrote:
> Can you be a little more specific how can I check the cvs version. You
> know I am kind newbie to Linux and Gimp was one of the reasons to
> change.
there are fairly good instructions about how to use cvs to get a
checkout on gimp.org:

it should be relatively easy to take the gimp parts out and use the
parts that would be relevant to a different repository.

even in this example, it is more complicated to get a specific version
than it is to get the current developer version.  for instance, from
this how to: "cvs checkout -r gimp-2-2 gimp" should become: "cvs
checkout gimp" if you are interested in todays version.

the cvsrc that was can be found there was written to be nice to the cvs
server and to your own system.

i am rather proud of this document here.  i had only a little to do with
the writing of it.  gimp has occasionally had some really excellent
document writers.


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