Jad Madi wrote:
how to create curve corners with Gimp like these ones

please advise.

The most straightforward way that come to my mind is the following:
1 - Place 2 crossed guides at the centre of you image. This will define the centre of the four corners.
2 - Create a round selection centered on this point:
2a - In the tool options (should be located under the tools, if not, double-click the ellipse selection icon to make them appear), set the following: check antialiasing, uncheck the two other ones. Then in the drop-down menu, select "fixed size". Set the width and height to the double of the curvature radius you want (i.e. the double of the width and height of the rounded corner, e.g. 2*10 = 20). 2b - Click on the intersection of the two guides and drag. A round selection of required size appear. To have in centred on the guides, press CRTL. Now release the mouse click. 3 - Fill it with the desired colour: Select a foreground colour by double clicking on the foreground colour icon in the toolbox. Choose the new forground colour. Then drag and drop the foreground colour from the toolbox (or from the coulour selector window) to the image. press CTRL+SHIFT+A to unselect.
4 - select the corner (=1/4 of the disc):
4a - Select the retangle selection tool, and choose "fixed size", with the width you have decided for you corner image (in our example, 10). 4b - Click on the image, on the intersection as before and drag towards the top left. A square selection will appear defining the top left corner. 5- create an image from it: press CTRL-C, and then right click on the image and choose Edit->Paste as new. 6- repeat steps 4b and 5 for the three other corners. You now have four images, each for one corner. You can also just use one image and rotate it 90° (Image->Transform->Rotate 90° CW) to generate the three others.



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