cedric GEMY wrote:
Lab is very interesting for photo retouch because Luminosity (better said Luminance) is separated from colors.

According to the Wyszecki & Stiles ("Color Science") or to Hunt ("Measuring Colour"), L* is lightness, not luminance, so "better said Ligntness". :P

It is the most complete color model so that Photoshop uses it when you want to change the color mode. +> gives more precise result. But out of that, it is much more difficult to conceive things with L*a*b. Gimp does not implement it except in the Decompose Filter. May be another thing to do :)

I think this is in the scope of GEGL. However, I would be disappointed if CIELAB (L*a*b* coordinates) was in and not CIELUV (L*u*v* coordinates). The LAB are more used in printing industry and LUV in display (e.g. TV) industries, and I think Gimp is has always been more for displayed images than for printed ones...

It is also easier to use.




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