While I'm a reasonably seasoned programmer my experiece with graphics is in the 
negative range, so, please, do not shot me on sight :) :)

I have a clear idea of What I need to do, but I'm unable to do it even 
manually, let alone program a macro to automate the task :(

I need to:
1) Use the magic wand to select a region.
2) This region will be a big region with (possibly) internal sub-regions; if 
this is the case I need to destroy all the inner regions (i.e.: I need to 
preserve just the outer region, without any "holes").
3) Clear the region to a specified colour.
4) Edit a (possibly long) string and fit it into the cleared region (eventually 
scaling the font to make it fit).

Nice to have:
- save the "original" region contents in a layer before killing it.
- render the string to a different layer than the background (this would enable 
to see either the "old" or the "new" content simply marking the two layers 

I need this in order to translate some comics I scanned.
I want to automatise as much as possible the process. Doing it completely 
manually is impossibly long (for me).
Please remember that my graphics ability is zilch :(

Thanks a lot for Your patience and
Thanks in Advance

P.S.: Please copy directly me; I tried to subscribe to the list, but I'm unsure 
it worked (I didn't receive any message, yet).

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