Olivier Ripoll wrote:
Then again, bringing the conversation back on list:
See my answer at the bottom of the message.
>>> Gimp does preview the jpg when I access the file. It just won't
>>> load.
>>> Gary
>> Gary,
>> Your file loads perfectly on my Gimp 2.2.8 on Windows at work. I will
>> try it tonight on my self-compiled gimps at home on Mandriva LE2005.
> The jpg opened on my wife's box. She is using LE2005 and gimp 2.2. I
> then forwarded it back to me and it still would not open.
> I think the problem is somewhere in kernel, ML2006 or
> xorg6.9 and gimp. Neither gimp 2.2 or 2.3 would open the jpeg.
> I tried some earlier jpgs and some gave me a crashed message while
> trying to open while others did nothing except run the cpu at 100%.
> Is there anyone else using ML 2006 that is having the same problem?
> Gary.


It seems you bug is with Mandriva 2006.
Could you check if this bug from their database:
correspond to what you observe. If so, please add a comment to the bug so they can see that at least 3 persons confirm it.



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