On 10/31/05, Jim Lynch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm trying to add a pattern and it's just not doing what I think it should.
> I loaded a small image, 135x94 into gimp and saved it as a pattern (.pat).
> I then moved it to the /usr/share/gimp/2.0/pattern directory.  I quit gimp
> and then brought it back up.  No pattern.  I decided maybe the patterns were
> coming from somewhere else, so I did a locate on corkboard.pat.  Only one of
> them.  OK, so I temporarily moved one of the .pat files to another location,
> refreshed gimp again and it was gone.  Ah, so it is reading from that
> directory.  Maybe there is something about my image that gimp doesn't like,
> so I copied pine.pat to a new name, 3dwood.pat.  I refreshed gimp again,
> closing and restarting.  Nope, no 3dwood.
>  File attributes are just fine, all of them at 644.  Owner is root.root on
> all the files, old and new.
>  Can anyone tell me what's going on?
>  Running on a Debian Sarge release distro with gimp 2.2.

In "File|Preferences", what directories are listed as resource sources
for patterns?

IIRC, you can also put the pattern in ~/.gimp-2.2/patterns if you are
doing a per-user install (as opposed to system-wide).

Also, does the pattern(s) folder have an -s or no?  I forget what the
actual one does have, although IIRC you can set any one you want, in
theory.  I could be wrong though, I'm a bit rusty.

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