On Tue, Nov 01, 2005 at 08:06:26AM -0500, Jim Lynch wrote:
> When I'm in the pattern screen, and click on a pattern, there is a short
> description of the pattern displayed, but I can't find any way to see that
> description when I'm editing a pattern in gimp. Is it possible my converted
> jpeg image doesn't have that dispaly info in it and that's why it isn't
> showing up?
when you saved it as a .pat did it give you the GIMP pattern save
dialog?  if you just changed the name from .jpg to .pat i don't think it
would work.

try saving the same file as a png there.  actually, maybe you should not
run gimp as root at all.  if you want the file to be used by everyone on
your computer (if there is only one, it should be sufficient to save in
your user directory) it is easier and better to move the file as root
from the commandline.  especially after the image is working in a user

i give that second advice (about not running things as root too often)
not from experience but from the advice that the people writing the
software gave me years ago.  i cannot imagine that things are "safer"
now.  the graphical interface on any computer or operating system is a
weird and perhaps suspicious layer in which the rules are not so direct. 

the gimp patterns are (if i remember correctly) a special case of png.
and since gimp2, png can be viewed as a pattern in that dialog as well.


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