On Tue, Nov 01, 2005 at 01:07:11PM -0500, Michael Luich wrote:
> I have a user who keeps getting :
> font '-Adobe-Helvetica-Bold-R-Normal-*-*-540-72-72-P-*-ISO10646-1' not
> found.
> I can recreate it by trying to use the text tool to insert Helvetica bold.
> RHEL 3
> Everyhting seems to be default.
> I can't seem to figure where it's trying to get this font from. I can't find
> anything like ISO10646 fonts although I have ISO8859 fonts. I'm sure I'm
> missing something simple.....
which gimp are you using? and what does RHEL 3 mean?

gimp-2.whatever doesn't ask for fonts this way.


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