Carol Spears wrote:

>> On Tue, Nov 01, 2005 at 01:07:11PM -0500, Michael Luich wrote:
>>>>I have a user who keeps getting :
>>>>font '-Adobe-Helvetica-Bold-R-Normal-*-*-540-72-72-P-*-ISO10646-1' not

How exactly do they "get" this message? Does it appear in a GIMP error

>>>>I can recreate it by trying to use the text tool to insert Helvetica
>>>>RHEL 3
>>>>Everyhting seems to be default.

Oh, well Red Hat would never configure anything wrong, so it must be
user error  ;-)  (Can you tell I'm a *former* Red Hat user?)

>>>>I can't seem to figure where it's trying to get this font from. I
can't find
>>>>anything like ISO10646 fonts although I have ISO8859 fonts.

Exactly. GIMP wants a Unicode font, but you don't have it.

I suspect the GIMP is trying to select fonts based on your locale
settings. I'm not up to date with this stuff, so I can't give you
anything authoritative, but a good starting point in diagnosis might be
to check your language settings. E.g. what does

  echo $LANG

tell you? If it says, e.g.,


then that probably accounts for GIMP wanting an iso10646 font. If that
is the case, then try running the GIMP from the command line with

  LANG=en_US gimp &

or perhaps

  LANG=en_US.iso8859-1 gimp &

[there are several ways to spell the encoding; you might have to play
 with it a bit]

So, what if changing LANG does indeed solve the problem? There are
several options:

  1) Change the default LANG for your system ... this is the easiest
     solution, but could well cause problems with other applications.
     Best experiment thoroughly on yourself before inflicting this on
     anyone else.

  2) Install/configure Unicode fonts as needed.

  3) Create a wrapper script for the GIMP that does something like:

       export LANG=en_US
       exec /usr/bin/gimp

And there are probably other solutions too ...

 I'm sure I'm

>>>>missing something simple.....
>> which gimp are you using? and what does RHEL 3 mean?

RHEL is Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

>> gimp-2.whatever doesn't ask for fonts this way.

There are several layers involved in font handling, so the error could
be coming from a deeper level. However, I think you may be right anyway.
The not-found font name is an XLFD (X Logical Font Descriptor); GIMP 2.x
uses the newer Xft font mechanism. I don't think Xft uses XLFDs at all
... but then I really don't understand Xft, so I could easily be mistaken.

Matt Gushee
Englewood, CO, USA
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