Am Mittwoch, 2. November 2005 18:13 schrieben Sie:
> ah, that is interesting.  my photoshop using friend used photoshops
> limitations in this respect to justify upgrading her camera.
> if this is the case, then any marketing corporation should be able to
> downgrade the equipment that their staff uses since it they purchased
> such a strong piece of software.
> now i need to dig out my email addresses of all of the stock holders of
> all the big marketing corporations....
> carol

ok, ok, i understood!

This person seems have to been a little bit TOO optimistical ;)

Well, as far as i am no professional in image-editing, i just believed it, as 
it is always shown on tv in some police-documentations where they get a clean 
picture out of some sort of webcam-picture ;)

So i'll have to try out the plugin and if that's not enough for me, it's my 
bad luck...

Thanks so far, Qeldroma
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