there are a few new gimp.org web sites lately.  i have been playing with
the software available from planet.org and the results have been almost

http://paths.gimp.org is a collection of news from the world of free art
software.  i have subscribed to any news page i could find from the
people who are going to be attending the convention next february

http://layers.gimp.org is a collection of gimp developers with blogs.
this was a difficult list to come up with, i am open to the idea that i
might have made an inclusion or omission mistake there.

http://pixels.gimp.org is a collection of gimp users with blogs.  it
would be nice to get more blogs there.  it would be even nicer if we
could get more people blogging about gimp there.

still in the planning stage is channels.gimp.org which should be a feed
of gimp tutorials.  i am talking with the people at
http://www.gimptalk.com about this.  as soon as we can settle on a
good format for this, that will be online.

my apologies to anyone i might have missed or included when i should not
have.  that being said, if you have a blog and consider yourself
suitable for any of the mentioned gimp sites and some sort of feed that
the planet software can understand, feel free to contact me or Wilma.
in fact, more than just feeling free to contact, please do make the
contact!  [EMAIL PROTECTED] or [EMAIL PROTECTED]  also, try not to fill up
wilmas mailbox with spam as happened to wilber ;)  and leave wilber
alone, he is busy trying to manage spam.



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