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> Excuse me, but no flash plugin is needed, in that kind
> of applications, you export three elements: Images,
> JavaScript, and a HTML Table. You do not need a Flash
> Plugin to have it in your browser.

True, but I believe Macromedia products export a flash swf file for
this, regardless of whether it is necessary to achieve the effect.

> Images are discouraged by W3.org?
> Dont think so. (just is needed to use the ALT tab)

I believe it was rollover javascript... plus it violates some
"niceness" design standards.  Ironically, after searching the site, I
can't find the document I had looked at earlier, and I probably must
have misinterpreted something anyways.  In any case, it doesn't
matter, it's not a big deal.  (Besides, rollover Javascript is so
common now, I suppose.)

> I understand GIMP is not for this now, but why not?,
> would be very useful. I will see if I can contribute
> in the future about.

If you contribute something of this sort, I'm quite sure others who
run into your problem in the future will be very greatful.  I was just
trying to explain why it wasn't already there, and why it might be a
while before someone else writes such a tool (at least for doing it
from within GIMP).

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