Ernesto Orozco Coulson wrote:
Excuse me, but no flash plugin is needed, in that kind
of applications, you export three elements: Images,
JavaScript, and a HTML Table. You do not need a Flash
Plugin to have it in your browser.

Images are discouraged by

Yes, if they are used to display text. There is no way images can be translated for blind people surfing.

And use of tables to position the elements on a page is definitely discouraged by W3C. CSS attributes should be used instead.

Oh, and by the way, since you have not yet answered to the people who asked you waht you mean by "frame", I am allowed to interpret it as html frame element. Frames has been discouraged by W3C for many many years (probably since around 1997, HTML4 strict having no frames).

Dont think so. (just is needed to use the ALT tab)

I understand GIMP is not for this now, but why not?

Because "use the right tool for the job" is an important concept. For the same reason, partition magic or windows media player (in *nix wolrd, lets say Kdevelop and totem) are not for writing web pages, and asking "why not" would not make much sense.

would be very useful. I will see if I can contribute
in the future about.

Have a look at perlotine, webotine, pyslice, split on guide. They could be good starts, and you can choose what language you want. There is also gimp-sharp slice tool which could be handy.



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