On Tuesday 15 November 2005 05:21 pm, Gilles Maltais wrote:
> Is there a function in GIMP that shows which colors are printable and
> which are not ?
> If there is no such feature, where could I find info on this topic ?
> Thanks !
> Gilles Maltais

While the gamut of CMYK is smaller than the gamut of RGB I don't
know how you can define it except by example. There are color
charts, or you  can generate the same, that will show a range of
colors available from your inkjet printer. I have such a
printout. Of course every possible combination of C M Y and K
would create a book larger than the Manhattan White Pages. 

Not all the world of color printing depends on the four color
process. The book of Pantone colors shows swatches of specific
ink colors that are available as spot colors.


John Culleton

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