On Tuesday 15 November 2005 07:21 pm, Helen wrote:
> I created a couple of brushes with my signature,
> but they don't show up as available brushes in Gimp.
> Here's a directory listing. Do I need to change the
> extensions? Make them executable? Any ideas as to
> why they don't show up as available brushes?
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/.gimp-2.2/brushes> ls
> mybrush2.xcf SigBrushes6.gbr SigBrushes6.xcf
> signature05Vertical_1.xcf [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/.gimp-2.2/brushes>
> Thanks,
> Helen, using SuSE 10, Gimp 2.2.9, Linux
They must be saved as ".gbr" images, not ".xcf" images.

Since I am at it:
 brushes can either bey RGBA images, or GRAY (with no alpha) images.
In the first case, they always will be painted with the colors that 
show up in the original image. In the second case, what is white in 
the image becomes transparent in the brush, and black on the image 
becomes colored in the brush. The brush uses whatever color the GIMP 
is painting in.

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