Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
On 11/17/05, Timo Steuerwald <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hey, that's a cool feature! Thanks a lot! I didn't know that up to now,
but anyway: How does this automatical white balance work?

I don't know how exactly this engine ticks, but I can to to guess: it
searches for the lightest pixel in the image and makes GIMP believe
that it is white and then it shifts other colors appropriately. But
that's my guess. Probably gimp-help package contains information you
want to know.

No the official gimp documentation on the homepage doesn't contain anything about it. You can verify it here:
It doesn't even appear in the screenshot of the menu.
Your idea how the automatical white balance works sounds good. IMHO the automatical white balance on a digital camera should work the same way, shouldn't it?

Some info on Levels dialog ("Werte" im Deutschen, soweit ich das
verstehe) is here:

Yes, that's correct. Thanks!



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