Hello everyone. My name is Joey and I'm new to the GIMP-user e-mail list, but have been using GIMP for quite a while.

I am a freelance web site designer and graphic designer, and a student at the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh, NC, USA. I'm one of the few Linux users there. A lot of people tell me I should be on a mac, but there's things I like about Linux. I like Macs as well.

I have just started getting involved in Grafpup Linux, a distribution built on Puppy Linux.

I'm not really a programmer (unless we talk PHP and soon, Flash), otherwise I would have probably worked on these problems myself in Grafpup.

Like Puppy Linux, Grafpup is designed to be small, yet useful to graphic designers and imagine professionals. It's a minimalist distribution in many ways, much like Puppy. I run the LiveCD version, which installs a file called pup101 on the hard drive, which is actually a Linux filesystem within a file. Hard drive installs and USB flash drive installs are also possible. Grafpup does contain GIMP, however, we're having some problems with GIMP and Python issues in the Puppy Linux family, from what I've found.

Nathan Fisher, the person who started Grafpup Linux, is working hard on resolving these issues. You can find out more details at http://www.grafpup.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=39 . Basically, I'm wanting to run the perl-o-tine script. I've tried the web-o-tine script, but this does not work for me.

I don't know if the GIMP developers read e-mails on this list or not. If anyone is interested in helping us getting things to work, yet still remain as small as possible, it would be much appreciated.

For info on the Grafpup distro, check out http://www.grafpup.com . It's a distro that I'd really like to see become successful. It may mean having to loose some of it's minimalist roots, I don't know.

Anyway I thought I'd come here for some GIMP help and to see if anyone is interested in helping getting GIMP to work better in Grafpup. GIMP by itself is working great. It's just these plugins we're having problems with.


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