On Fri, Nov 18, 2005 at 02:08:32PM +0800, Joey Cagle wrote:
> Hey everyone, for Puppy Linux/Grafpup, there are some things you want to  
> know.
> Puppy Linux does not ask for a log in.  For information on why it does not  
> ask for root, check out the FAQ at http://www.puppylinux.org .
> GIMP comes with Grafpup on the LiveCD already, so it's not like I'm  
> installing GIMP myself.  It's already on the CD and copied into a RAM disk  
> at startup.
> Maybe I will be helped better once someone can familiarize themselves with  
> the way Puppy Linux is working, because it doesn't work the same way as  
> the larger distros.  It's not a large download (unless you're on dial-up,  
> and even then, I can download it overnight) and it runs straight from CD,  
> so familiarizing yourself with either Puppy Linux or Grafpup (available at  
> http://www.grafpup.com) should be no problem.
well, your problems are actually due to the way the distribution has
built and installed your gimp.

if you show them the same errors you showed us here, they should
understand the problems.  i don't make distributions and am a simple
linux user and i can understand them....

if they would like my help as a professional, i guess that one of the
ways to take these half steps between windows and linux is to offer
professional help and to assure professional help by charging a fee for
the service.

tell them i will be happy to help and they can email me directly with
the terms of the professional help.

this is one of the nice things about using a distribution.  you have
people who can fix the problems or you should have the option to build
it yourself if it does not fill your needs or work as promised.

good luck!

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