michael chang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Of course, scaling would make so much sense with SVG/Vector brushes --
> but then, GIMP is a raster graphics program.  No-win situation. 
> *sigh*

Why's that a no-win situation? GIMP could easily be extended to use
SVG brushes and that would certainly be a win. We could still keep
bitmap brushes around because there are some brushes you cannot
express easily using vectors.

> If the code is there, and it is possible to get at it using another
> device; it doesn't seem to me for it to be unreasonable to provide
> mice-based and/or keyboard-based ways of providing the same
> funcationality... but that said, it has to be done within limits or
> users will simply get confused and/or complain about weird things.

Of course it could be done. Someone just needs to write the code.

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