thanks a lot... i downloaded the manual it should be fine.
I'm really sorry for my persistence but just found another thing that worries me:

if i have a group of graphics, how can i move them across the canvas all together? i'm talking about lots of layers that needs to be located on some other place on the same window without merging them into a single one.

thanks a million...

if i'm allowed i might be back with some other questions... i'm working on the "big switch" from win/photoshop :)

Axel Wernicke wrote:

Am 20.11.2005 um 20:18 schrieb Remus Boara:

thanks a lot for the answer, very appreciated.
regarding the selection transforming was actually referring on how to edit / modify / adjust a selection?

You can add / intersect / subtract a new selection from an existing one by holding down some modifier keys. ( See ch07s02.html for a more detailed description) If you are in need of handles to justify your selection you can convert it to a path and modify that one ( after doing so you could even convert it back into a selection). Should you prefer to modify the selected area by using brush tools use the quick mask feature. All this and much more is explained in the manual (see link above)

Greetings, lexA

thanks a lot.

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