Steve Graham ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I split a pdf file into 4 jpegs by using the File/Acquire/Screen Shot option 
> to get one then scrolling down the pdf and repeating the process.
> I now wish to create a single jpeg of all 4 of them.  This I have no idea how 
> to accomplish.  I have tried pulling one into GIMP and  expanding the work 
> area to paste in the second but that did not work.
> Can someone please give a pointer on how to do this?  Or perhaps a URL?

I'd suggest to open the PDF from within the GIMP. This should save you
the work of aligning the screenshots.

However, if this for some reason does not work, open the individual
jpegs and the layer dialog. Then drag the layers from three of the
images to the remaining image, you get an image with multiple layers.
You can use the move tool to adjust the images, you need to resize the
canvas to make them all fit in the image though.

I hope this helps,
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