Demetrius Jones wrote:
> I was wondering if there is a way to edit files that were created in
> Adobe Photoshop.   I can open a .psd file in the Gimp but I cannot seem
> to be able to manipulate the image layers.  

Hmm.. that should work (i.e., editing indiv. layers).  As Carol mentioned 
though, psd text layers aren't dynamically editable in the Gimp.  The Gimp will 
merely render the text layers as pixels.

I worked for a few years w/a Photoshop user (I think he had PS CS).  
The caveats I learned from sharing files between the Gimp and PS were (from 
1. can't use masks in the Gimp and save to psd - they won't make it.  Never 
figured out if the Gimp properly read in mask from PS though.
2. text layers just get rendered as pixel info - still look the same, but 
cannot be dynamically altered.

Everything else I did transferred correctly when I saved to psd, so I could be 
productive and maintain my ethics (i.e., Open Source or death).

I did read that the 2.3.x series of the Gimp has improvements to the psd 
filter.  Not sure what they are though.

Eric P
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