On Sun, Nov 27, 2005 at 09:26:36AM +0100, Axel Wernicke wrote:
> Am 27.11.2005 um 01:15 schrieb Carol Spears:
> >On Sun, Nov 27, 2005 at 12:26:20AM +0100, Axel Wernicke wrote:
> >>
> >i made one black and white layer that should be able to be used as the
> >edge part of a layer mask.  i am now going to try to be honest without
> thank you - that was what I was looking for
you don't seem to be angry or offended.  thank you for the kindly
response to what even i can see might be a very rude and hurtful
assertation.  thank you for your persistance and the sense of inner
strength you share here.

> >making you angry or causing you to stop contributing to the
> >documentation of gimp -- but if you are unable to use this image to  
> >make
> >a mask, you might not be good for documenting gimp (yet).
> I agree to a certain degree. I now what to do with a b/w image to use  
> it as mask. But my interest is more in enhancing photographs then in  
> painting something by myself, so I'm not very used in creating  
> something completely new by making a path or some strokes to an empty  
> canvas :)

ah!  you deny the fact that you are having ideas for clever image
making!  you had a vision of a nice way to make the documentation look
less sterile and at the same time be better for the layout.  the number
of images i have painted is very low.  the number of transformed
photographs is a different matter.  real life already puts objects in
front of you with the dimensions and porportions already rendered.  i
think that having a camera and living on this earth will keep me
enhancing photographs for a very long while.  using paths and layers and
all the other tools on photographs is an interesting artform whose time
is only limited by the number of inspirational images and ideas that are
in your life right now or the time needed to work with them.

> I think even without beeing a wizard in making images one can do a  
> good job in the documentation team. There are lots of technical and  
> management issues to solve.
> Btw. since you are obviously one of the wizards, you could have an  
> eye on the manual and give us some wizardish advise ?
wizard is probably not a good word.  i am not sure what a good word
would be.  gimp-1.0.2 with no access to a television or other media
display until gimp2.  when i actually had the opportunity to see how
others manipulate images either via animation or film rendering, i was
quite astonished.  learning it while not seeing it being used is an
issue.  not always good and not always bad.  i have a pile of
accomplishments and mistakes that keep me wondering if a word should
even be found to describe it.  i guess that if life had a configure
script, we would all be using it....

about documentation.  i would like to apologize to all of the document
writers for a few things.  one, acceptable and complete documentation is
like a sleeping potion to me.  i have some very strong opinions about
the software that is used to produce most of it and also have been very
rude in that i have not read it.  i don't know how to fix that.  if i
ingest some extra caffiene to combat the sleepy feeling i get while
reading good documentation, i am too lively to start to read it.

how about this.  i do have a little discipline i can access.  if you
suggest something that should read and comment on, i would actually have
enough lively feelings to enable me to open them and read them.  i am in
a difficult and undefined very weird life for a long while.  it would
actually be nice to define some of these moments with a reading task
like that....

is this the "give the has been" a reading assignment part?  it certainly
smells that way :)


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