Bernd Eggink wrote:
> I compiled and installed the latest version of gtk, gimp etc., and
> nearly everything works fine. With one exception: The program
> 'ossxmix' complains about missing libraries libgtk-1.2 and libgdk-1.2. 

This is not really a GIMP-related issue, since the GTK libraries became
separate from the GIMP a long time ago. Nonetheless, there happen to be
people here who know something about this ;-)

> I'm confused. Are these parts of an ancient version of gtk (without
> +)?

Well, it's pretty old. But AFAIK the lack of a + symbol doesn't mean
anything. I believe the official name of the package as a whole is GTK+,
though specific packagers (e.g. Linux distributions) sometimes omit the
+, but in any case the actual shared libraries that get installed on
your system don't have + in their names. At least they don't on my
system, and I'm pretty sure it's not a meaningful distinction.

> And if so, where can I download the sources, as I would prefer to
> compile them myself?

You should be able to find them via

Just beware of replacing newer files with older ones. That *probably*
won't happen, since you say you've got the latest GIMP etc. ... that
implies you have GTK2 installed, so there shouldn't be any conflict.
Still, I'd suggest doing a dry run in a fresh install directory, just to
make sure you're not going to overwrite anything important.

Best of luck.

Matt Gushee
The Reluctant Geek:
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