Panos Laganakos wrote:
> Is there a script/action that allows to create a new from a portion of
> selected section?
> Right now, I duplicate a layer, select the area i want and crop it to my
> selection.

Sure, it's very simple--though perhaps not obvious.

  1. Copy the selection (keyboard: Ctrl + C / menu: Edit -> Copy)
  2. Paste  (Ctrl + V / Edit -> Paste)

At this point, you would normally do Ctrl + H to anchor the layer (i.e.
merge the pasted item into the destination layer, but instead do this:

  3. Look at the Layers dialog. You should see an item in the list
     called something like "Floating Selection (Pasted Layer)". If you
     don't see that, maybe you didn't do the first two steps correctly.
  4. Make the floating selection into a new layer. In recent versions of
     the GIMP, you should find a New Layer button (with an icon like a
     single sheet of paper) at the lower left corner of the Layers
     dialog. Or there's a New Layer command on the popup menu. In any
     case, just make sure the "Floating Selection" is selected in the
     list, and press that button or menu item.

That's it.

Matt Gushee
The Reluctant Geek:
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