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@Warren: the slowdown in the gui is probably caused by Apples X11. That might be change in future with the hopefully upcoming native gtk+ for OS X.

It's not a GUI slowdown that I'm talking about --- it's ops like doing an unsharp mask..

I did some comparisons a while back between linux on an athlon 1800+ (1.5 ghz), and macosx on an 800mhz g4, and for an 8 megapixel image, linux was taking 18s to do the unsharp mask, and the mac was taking 75s --- much slower than the relative clock speeds.  For comparison, Photoshop takes about 5s to do the unsharp mask on the mac.

It does make it pretty painful to use.  I was actually contemplating buying photoshop - but I've been using the gimp for so long I don't want to switch

I was going to fire up a profiler and see what's happening - but the last time I tried I couldn't get the gimp to compile through fink...

I assume that the code isn't using X to do the actual bitmap manipulations, so I doubt the native gtk+ implemenation will help me here.   It'll still be nice though... :-)


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