On Sat, Dec 03, 2005 at 09:44:39AM +0100, Yannick Patois wrote:
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> Hi,
> When I hack a picture taken with my sony-dsc-s80 camera with the gimp,
> if I export in jpg, I cant read its format any more (the camera display
> "file error" instead of the hacked content).
how do you use the term "hack" here?

> Worse, when I want to print this picture o a public digital picture
> printer (one of those thing when one can slide her memory card in,
> select print and get the photo on paper), those hacked pictures are also
> not taken by the system.
> What is the right format to choose when exporting? Is there a good
> selection in the jpeg export dialog (compression mode, etc)? Would I
> have to choose anopther export format? Use a postprocessing filter after
> writing a regular jpeg?
you provided very good information about all the places the image
failed, perhaps you could provide some information about what you did to
the file with GIMP?

which filters did you use?  GIMP is an image manipulation application,
so it is possible to manipulate the image in a way that a kiosk photo
printer might not understand it.  "Export" means that there were some
additional things that the software knew needed to be completed before
the file format you requested could be made.  This is the reason we
would need to know more information about what you told gimp to do to
the image....


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