Hi, I am a new user of the Gimp program and have a question about it. Hopefully I am asking in the right thing. Anyway, I have used the free trials of a number of image programs and one tool I really like is the clone brush, yet I can't seem to find one in the Gimp. Is there one? The reason I like it is because I like to make graphics and stuff out of pictures I get on the web and some of these pictures have stamps or something on them depicting the logo of the website I got the picture off of and the clone brush is a tool I find most helpful in getting rid of the stamp and also making it look like I haven't touched the picture. If there is no clone brush in the Gimp, can someone recommend a good way to get rid of these website stamps on pictures without doing too much damage to the picture like cutting it up or cropping it and stuff like that? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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