Yannick Patois wrote:

When I hack a picture taken with my sony-dsc-s80 camera with the gimp,
if I export in jpg, I cant read its format any more (the camera display
"file error" instead of the hacked content).

Worse, when I want to print this picture o a public digital picture
printer (one of those thing when one can slide her memory card in,
select print and get the photo on paper), those hacked pictures are also
not taken by the system.

What is the right format to choose when exporting? Is there a good
selection in the jpeg export dialog (compression mode, etc)? Would I
have to choose anopther export format? Use a postprocessing filter after
writing a regular jpeg?

Thanks for any help.


Hi Yannick,

I had a perhaps similar problem with a Sony TV once (a KDS-R50XBR1). The jpeg I created in gimp (a full white screen) was not correctly displayed in the thumbnail view of the TV, and it was not possible to display it. I loaded the image in Irfan Viewer and saved it from there. The file size was different, and the image was perfectly displayed on the Sony TV. Try loading and saving in another program (Irafn on windows/wine or imagemagick convert/display). It might be the same problem.

Best regards,


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