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> I also tried Carol's "removing background" tutorial:
> http://carol.gimp.org/gimp2/basics/backgroundremoval/
> But it does not describe the "Add the decomposed image as a mask" portion.
> Can some explain it or point to a tutorial on the subject?

in that dockable dialog, right click on the layer you would like to mask
and select "Add Layer Mask" (i am typing this from memory so no
guarrentee on the exact wording).

there will be a dialog with a choice of mask color/opacity.  just stick
with the default since the next step is to copy another image to it.

Decompose gives several layers.  i would convert the decompose image to
rgb (some of the gimps had problems copying grayscale and i cannot
remember which ones).  Edit-->Copy on the layer you want as a mask
Edit-->Paste to the mask area on the target image.

black on masks is transparent, white is opague.  gray is a little of

is that what you asked?


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