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> mickeydog wrote:
> >is this the answer:
> >
> >
> http://www.forumsforyou.com/p/comp.graphics.apps.gimp/Where_Is__Add_Glow__and__Center_Layer__in_Gimp_2.x__1954.html
> That is a thead I created elsewhere on the same subject before I joined
> this list.  IIRC, the response involved uninstalling the SuSE RPM and
> compiling from source, etc. - but before I go about doing that, if it's
> just a simple matter of installing another RPM I'd rather do it that way
> - since SuSE is a package-based distribution.  It makes future upgrades
> easier.  Like today, I just upgraded from GIMP 2.2.8 to 2.2.9 almost
> without effort.  I like that. :)
it is easy to build gimp-perl.  get the tarball and open it.

type "perl Makefile.PL"
soon after type "make"
when that is completed, as root type "make install"

almost too easy!  those poor distributors have to build your packages to
work on many more computer hardwares than just yours.

development on gimp-perl is sopratic.  since everyone is using
distributions now and has no idea how easy it is to install and even
view the scripts that are delivered, the same people who were working on
this years ago are still the same ones who work on it now.

so many people with needs now, thanks to binary installation and only so
many people who understand how to share the stuff -- can you see how
easy it is for the few who make it to get locked into an ideal and with
the other people making it "easy to get and install" the world of people
who want things grows and grows without the world of people who can
make it growing at an equal rate.

it took so much time for you to figure out how to get things from suse.
i wonder if you might possibly allow the same amount of time to see
about getting the current tarball and seeing if it might actually take
less time to install it yourself.

i understand that time is valuable.  lets see where the value is


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