it is should be easy to install gimp-perl.  there are a lot of different
ways to do it and a lot of different explanations of how other people
personally do this with their own system.  i learned this in 1998 and it
still works without a lot of explanation from others.

1) make sure you have libgimp-dev installed from your distribution.  it
might also be called gimp-dev.

2) get the tarball and as a user inflate it and cd into that new

3) as a user only (not as root) type "perl Makefile.PL". once that is
completed and successful, type "make".

4) as root type "make install"

5) look at /etc/ldconfig and make sure that "/usr/local/lib/" is in the
list of paths there, if it isn't, add it.

6) as root type "ldconfig".  there will be a pause while that software
looks at all of your libraries.  once it is completed, start gimp and
look for Xtns-->Render.  if that submenu is there, gimp-perl is.

7) don't let anyone mess you up with too much information.  including


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