On Thu, Dec 08, 2005 at 07:50:15AM -0800, Tom Williams wrote:
> A friend of mine took a bunch of photos using her Vivitar 3.2MP digital 
> camera with the camera set at 640x480 resolution.  She wanted 4x6 prints 
> of those and printed a bunch that came out looking all pixelated and 
> basically like crap.   Since then, we've set her camera back to the max 
> resolution since previous photos taken at this resolution printed fine 
> as prints.
> My question:  is there anyway to use Gimp to scale the 640x480 images so 
> they look as best as possible (no pixelation if possible) as 4x6 
> prints?  I've scaled the images to 4"x6" and have increased pixels per 
> inch and have run many filters with no real success.   Or is my friend 
> basically stuck with what she has?
they probably use just about the same algorithms for scaling as gimp
does.  it is a little like asking if "if i look at this clock instead of
the one i have, will i get 4 extra hours in my day".  i am not sure if
it is the best metaphor, but it is close.

there might be some that can be fixed after the rescaling with perhaps
some of the sharpening tools or other things i haven't though of yet but
mostly the answer is no.  



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