My question:  is there anyway to use Gimp to scale the 640x480 images so
they look as best as possible (no pixelation if possible) as 4x6

4x6 at 600 dpi is 2400x3600 pixels, and you have 640x480. It is theoretically impossible to get the extra detail from this. In practice there may be an in-betweening, morphing or anti-aliasing algorithm that can get you part way. But it can't give you the detail that was never captured, and is bound to produce a blurred result. You need an artist to fill in the details!

Consider reducing your picture to 320x240, then 160x120, then 80x60 and onwards to 8x6 and 4x3, i.e. 12 pixels. Or even onwards to two pixels, then one.

Now send me the one pixel and ask me to reverse the process. Could I reproduce for you your nice 640x480 graphic?

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