On Thursday 08 December 2005 14:54, Carol Spears wrote:
> i did not suggest reporting a bug -- i have no idea how they work.  i
> suggested contacting them.
> it builds fine on debian.  it builds fine on whatever seth is working
> on.  i read of other people using it.  the suggestion that other
> plug-ins be built is a good one -- it would take an interested SUSE
> user to build one though.
> the fact that Patrick is having problems with it eliminates a lot of
> needing to prove there is a problem for me.
> i would like to see how they work with that "Professional" titled
> distribution, personally -- just so you know i do have a personal
> interest in this.
> carol
Ok, somebody help clue me in here.  I've been following this thread 
somewhat, but not enough that I remember what it started about.  Seems 
someone running SuSE tried to build/compile a plugin that needed 
gimp-perl, then everything got sidetracked with gimp-perl and harsh 
remarks about SuSE.  Is that the gist of it?

It sounds like a simple problem overall, especially in SuSE.  ;o)

It's those darn Debian users that confuse things while not following the 
LSB, etc.  Maybe one day they can use a good Linux distro too?  Don't 
you think SuSE people?  ;o)


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