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On Fri, 2005-12-09 at 19:56 +0200, Pavel Sorokin wrote:
I`m totally new to Gimp and Script-fu but I have to do this one thing
using Script-fu.

I need a script (and a batch?) which will read .jpg file names from a file
list and mark all of these files with greyscale watermark (aka logo),
which will be place at exact location of those pictures (for example,
lower right corner). Watermark must be read from a .gif file.

As I understand, this is not a very short script and a few pointers can`t
help me (as I already said - I`m new to all this), but maybe you will
direct me to some useful (in my case) resources. I`ve been reading
tutorials, going through lots of examples, but can`t get enough
information to do what I need to do.

Thank you!
Hi, I think you better do that with ImageMagick!
Here is a link with explanation how to do exactly what you want:

It works great, I have tried it ;)


Thanks for advice, but the thing is, I know about this program and some other, suitable for this purpose, too... but this is my assignment for a class at university. I simply MUST use script-fu, so I had to choose what exactly I am going to do using script-fu (from a list of assignments) and I decided to do this one - with watermark. Other tasks were not easier.

Thanks anyway!

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