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> Trying to answer Pat's cry for a summary...
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Thanks Mike for the reprint.  Also, no need to send out two mails.  I'm 
on this list, so read the list mail.  One mail to the list will 

Sounds like the OP is confused at what they need to get things compiled.  
I'm sure all the chatter about how to solve it and the debate on 
distros has cleared things up considerably too.  (not)  ;o)

I'm guessing if SuSE thought it was needed, it would be installed as a 
dependency or be available to install for compiling.  They are pretty 
efficient like that.

To Manish Singh:
SuSE and YaST2 work as well or better than any other file install 
utility at solving dependencies.  Thing you fail to realize is that 
-devel files are not dependencies.  The main files don't need the 
-devel files to operate, nor does the system.  They are only needed if 
the user intends to compile things.  The best thing to do when 
installing any Linux is to just include -devel files or add them at 
install time.  

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