On Sat, Dec 10, 2005 at 10:10:50PM -0500, BandiPat wrote:
> To Manish Singh:
> SuSE and YaST2 work as well or better than any other file install 
> utility at solving dependencies.  Thing you fail to realize is that 
> -devel files are not dependencies.  The main files don't need the 
> -devel files to operate, nor does the system.  They are only needed if 
> the user intends to compile things.  The best thing to do when 
> installing any Linux is to just include -devel files or add them at 
> install time.  

But one of Myke's problems was that he managed to get the gimp-devel
package installed without having glib-devel installed. This means that
despite the fact that *none* of the gimp header files work at all without
glib's header files, SuSE neglected to specify a dependency between the
two -devel packages. This has nothing to do with dependencies between
the application binaries and the libraries.

So either SuSE screwed up, which they have a history of doing
(glib-devel didn't depend on pkg-config for several releases, and I'm
not sure if it's fixed even now), or Myke used rpm --force (which I

If you look at Debian or Red Hat, libgimp2.0-dev or gimp-devel have a
dependency on libgtk2.0-dev or gtk2-devel, respectively, which of course
lets apt/yum/yast/etc. do resolve things properly.

It sounds like you're the one who has failed to realize the -devel
packages both can and do have dependencies.

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