On Sunday 11 December 2005 15:13, Manish Singh wrote:

> When distro people screw up and the support issues land here, I feel
> justified to express my displeasure of having to clean up their
> messes, especially since they actually charge money and have a
> support and QA staff who have a job to do.
> You're the one who is dragging this on, and being insulting and not
> actually having any content in your attempt at rebuttals, so your
> tone is far far worse than mine.
> So yes, let's end this, and next time, stick to facts instead of your
> emotional attachment to your distro.
> -Yosh
> _______________________________________________

Well, again, I find fault with your research Yosh.  SuSE as Debian, or 
any distro with resemblance/link to Debian, does have a freely 
downloadable and open sibling.  Being stuck in the cave you live in for 
so long, word might not have gotten to you yet.  Check it out, 
OpenSuSE!  That, like any distro your mind tells you is "free", is 
built with public input and participation.  You can even take it and 
make your own, if you desire, just leave the names SuSE & Novell out of 
your build.

You seem to want lay blame on the distro, when it could be something 
else or the combination of other things.  Again, your research fails 
you, yet you continue to want to blame and belittle a very good Linux 
distro.  Has someone appointed you the Linux police while everyone 
wasn't looking.  You don't need to point out anything to anyone, just 
help with the problem, not add to it.

I'll also ask you one more time to stop sending out two emails!  I know 
Mutt can do it, but you seem to be unable too.  Just one email to the 
list is all that is required.  Think you can get that right?

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