On Sunday 11 December 2005 12:07, michael chang wrote:
> The essential question is if it is _NECESSARY_ to compile gimp-perl
> for the user's system.  No one using SuSE has answered this.
> Do you currently have a SuSE 9.2 Pro system accesssable to you?  It
> would be nice if you could get gimp-perl 2.0 working with GIMP on it
> (preferably via binary packages, although any method is fine) and
> inform the original poster (CCed in this post -- BTW, Myke, are you
> on the list?) of how it is done.  It would even be informative to
> just tell us that this is only available in SuSE 10 or newer or
> similar.
> Again, if it is not possible to get it running, I hope downgrading to
> GIMP 1.2 is an option.
> My only other thought is - could SuSE have gone and bundled gimp-perl
> with the system and then removed the scripts for "Add Glow" and
> "Center Layer"?  If so, then those two script would have to be
> manually retrieved and placed in the correct location by the user...
> (I would hope this is just me being paranoid and very UNTRUE.)
> --
> ~Mike
>  - Just the crazy copy cat.
hey Mike,
I wasn't intending to get drawn into this problem as much as I have, but 
circumstances has created a problem I want to solve now.  :o)

I do have a 9.2 available to me, so I can compile or check things there 
to test for Myke's setup.  Since I don't have the plug-in that Myke 
needs or is missing, I need to get that first.  At that point I should 
be able to determine what is needed to run it.  I will assume that 
these plug-ins will still run in Gimp 2.x??  I know many of these 
things have been changed and many updated along the way.  I remember 
hearing about several python plug-ins, but not much about the Perl 
ones.  If the plug-ins Myke is needing will no longer work in 2.x Gimp, 
this whole discussion is a mute point.

In the meantime, I'll check the 9.2 DVD and the installed 9.2 setup.  I 
don't think we have a world changing problem here, so hopefully we'll 
have an answer soon.

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