To recap:

OP is having trouble building gimp-perl. He's told to install the
gimp-devel package. Fine advice, and something a newbie may not realize
at first.

Installing gimp-devel should've been enough, but he got another error.
After further analysis, it became apparent that he was missing the glib
headers, and needed the glib-devel package. The OP then said that he'd
install that package and try again.

My first post to this thread was to ask if installing glib-devel helped
him get past the error, and if it didn't, he should try installing
gtk-devel and friends and see if that works. This was potential help to
the OP.

I also expressed my dismay about how SuSE still hasn't gotten their
dependencies right. For SuSE 9.2, which the OP is using, my complaint
was completely accurate, as evidenced by:

RH and Debian have got the dependencies right from day one, meaning
more than 5 years ago. SuSE didn't with 9.2. Mandriva also has a history
of screwing things up too.

SLES9 notably doesn't have pkg-config has a dependency for glib2-devel.
This is harder to provide a reference for, as SLES9 is not publicably
available online. I used to use SLES9 as part of my job, so I've had
experience with it directly. I have many complaints about it, and I'm
pretty happy to not have to deal with it anymore.

In the SuSE 8.x days, a frequent compile error that people ran into when
building the aa plugin in GIMP was that aalib was built against slang,
but aalib-devel didn't depend on slang-devel, so the build failed. You
can find references to this on the gimp mailing lists in 2003.

Now, with SuSE 10 the -devel deps seem to be there, but there still is a
problem that the gimp-devel package doesn't depend on gimp itself, which
can lead to a problem that someone could upgrade the gimp package
without upgrading the gimp-devel package, and that being perfectly valid
in the package management system's view, but not even remotely valid
from a GIMP view.

Given SuSE's history, and gimp users having run into problems of this
nature for years and years, being unhappy with SuSE for still not
getting things right in 2005 is perfectly just.

BandiPat seems to think something in the above is "wrong", but is unable
to actually point out any specifics, and thus resorts to handwaving and
calling people silly instead of actually having facts. Until he realizes
that being stupid and stubborn and letting ego get in the way isn't the
right thing, he is persona non-grata on this list.

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