I asked the following question:

>> I had some trouble installing gutenprint at first, but after removing
>> everything, it went in fine.
>> But I haven't been able to adjust the colors on my output - and
>> what's more, what is printer is quite a bit darker, particularly with
>> the yellow, than the real image.  What shows up in gimp on the screen
>> is very close to the real image.

And I got a couple of helpful replys - thank you very much.  One
suggested that I go over to the gimp-print list and ask there.  Here is
the response I got from Robert Krawitz, one of the developers:

>You need to set the Print Quality and Image Type settings to Manual
>Control in order to enable the other color controls.  We're looking at
>changing this; it's causing too much confusion.

I haven't got it perfect yet, but this seems like the best solution,
since I don't have to change the image on the disk to be "wrong" to get
a print.  I am hping one group of settings will work for all, or most
images.   Anyway, I thought I would share the response over here.

Thanks for the help.


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