>>>>> "Jago" == Jago Pearce <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Jago> Why is this useful for all artists? -because 1.671 or 3.14 are the
Jago> magic numbers used in art all the time, aka the "magic ratio" or
Jago> fibonacci sequence

Jago> Thanks, hope for a good discussion and hope we can stay ontopic or
Jago> move to the right place.

Sorry, but I'll go off topic - don't have an answer to your gimp
question.  I'm sure you know that 3.14 has little to do with the golden
mean, but 1.671 isn't right either.  It is closer to 1.618.  The
difference is important if you are going to do one of the continued
fraction type pictures that are so popular.

For an unusual application of the golden mean see my bathroom floor on
my web page.


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