Say I have two images of the same size (9952×7016) open.  I select an
arbitrary region from the first image and Edit->Copy it.  Then I switch to
the second image and Edit->Paste.  Unfortunately, GIMP seems to put the
selection wherever it wants; I would rather it appear in the exact same
place as in the original image.  Since the images are so big, it's
difficult for me to drag the selection with the mouse to the exact spot it
should appear.  Is there some way I can modify GIMP's default selection
placement behaviour?

(It was previously suggested to me that I copy the entire image and paste
it as a new layer in the second image, and then copy between layers
instead of between images.  However, this is undesirable due to the large
size of images I'm working with.  It can take over a minute to copy the
entire image into a new layer; I just want to be able to copy small areas
of one image into another.)


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