On Thu, Dec 29, 2005 at 08:17:31AM +1100, Owen wrote:
> Carol Spears wrote:
> > it would be interesting to find out what resolutions and what catagories
> > of patterns the users of gimp would find useful.
> I don't have 7MP camera, but I assume if you want to fill a selection of
> a 7MP image with a Gimp pattern it would come out all clunky?
well, larger resolution for larger images.  i really do work at many
different sizes.  print needs a lot and web stuff needs a little.
sometimes things scale nicely just by making them smaller, but sometimes
it is not the case.  

it might be good to discuss what a useful upper limit would be for image

> What happens if I have a low res image and want to fill it with a hi-res
> pattern,  will it be obscured?
> Perhaps (as usual) I do not understand.
you will get a small portion of a pattern instead of a repeating image.

> Anyway additions to the pattern collection would no doubt be welcome.
> Perhaps an upload area on the Gimp site (like the GUG site) to allow
> patterns to be contributed.
i have been thinking about this some.  it seems like such a site would
be very popular at first and then lose its appeal and interest.  at
least there is the threat of that.

the gimp wiki has been suggested.  i do not keep much of an eye on that.
i wonder if there might not already be a pattern collection there


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