On Wednesday 28 December 2005 10:04 am, Tristan Miller wrote:
> Greetings.
> Say I have two images of the same size (9952×7016) open.  I
> select an arbitrary region from the first image and Edit->Copy
> it.  Then I switch to the second image and Edit->Paste. 
> Unfortunately, GIMP seems to put the selection wherever it wants;
> I would rather it appear in the exact same place as in the
> original image.  Since the images are so big, it's difficult for
> me to drag the selection with the mouse to the exact spot it
> should appear.  Is there some way I can modify GIMP's default
> selection placement behaviour?
> (It was previously suggested to me that I copy the entire image
> and paste it as a new layer in the second image, and then copy
> between layers instead of between images.  However, this is
> undesirable due to the large size of images I'm working with.  It
> can take over a minute to copy the entire image into a new layer;
> I just want to be able to copy small areas of one image into
> another.)

I was trying to do something similar to this last week, I eventually 
gave up because my results were just as you describe, but reading 
your mail today made it all seem clear and simple to me.

Use one of your selection tools to select the desired portion of 
your image

go to the menu, Script-Fu -> Selection -> To Brush

follow the directions in the dialog (give the brush a name and a 
file name) and spacing info if needed.

Press ok and wait while your brushes are updated. Then you can use 
your selection as a brush wherever you desire.

It won't put your selection in exactly the same place but should 
allow you to place the brush wherever you desire, and you won't be 
working with a gigantic buffer slowing things down.

All of this assumes you have set up gimp so that it can save brushes 
somewhere that you have write permissions - like your home 

Hope this helps

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