There is also a Perl interface for GIMPv2 at

but I have not coded anything to use it so can't offer any insight to
its use.

Tristan Miller wrote:
> Greetings.
> In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Joao S. O. Bueno
> Calligaris wrote:
>>I see you had not actually tried it. :-)
> Well, I had, but I was making assumptions about the causes of any delays.
>>You can also work a python-fu /script-fu script to do a "paste
>>located" stuff - the  way I can think of you will have toi manually
>>type in the destination coordinates, but I think it will suit your
>>needs for know.
>>Let me know if you'd need such a script, and tell me if you have
>>gimp-python running - as I'd prefere doing it in Python than in
> Sure, I would be grateful for any help in making a script to do this work. 
> I don't have gimp-python, but I suppose I could install it.  As I
> mentioned in another post, I think the script will be very simple to
> write, provided one already knows script-fu (or python-fu):
> Assuming there are two images open and a selection is active in the active
> window:
> 1. Store the top left coordinates (x,y) of the selection.
> 2. Copy the selection.
> 3. Switch to the second image (or: pop up a dialog asking the user to
> select the destination image).
> 4. Paste.
> 5. Move the selection to (x,y).
> 6. Anchor the selection.
> Regards,
> Tristan

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