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> I need some help getting a scanned image into an OpenOffice document
> without the black speckled background. This is what I did:
> 1. Used XSANE 0.97 to scan the signature form my HP G95 printer/scanner.
> 2. Saved as tiff file.
> 3. Opened the tiff file in The Gimp 2.2
> 4. Cut the signature out of the scanned image and pasted it into a new
> Gimp document (so it would not be full page but just a small block).
> 5. Saved the document as a jpg
> 6. Inserted the jpg into my OpenOffice 2.0 document.
> 7. Printed the page with the signature on the G95 and the signature has
> black speckles around it.

As others have noted, the speckles could be part of the original scan. 
However, they could also be artifacts introduced by JPEG compression. 
After you've tried what the other posters have suggested, try also saving
the graphic in a lossless format such as PNG or TIFF, and then importing
that instead of the JPEG into your document.


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