Gert Blij wrote:

>Basically what I said was that while the rectangular select works fine, all
>the others don't. When I select with Oval, Hand draw or Intelligent
>scissors, the cut from the Gimp looks perfect, but when I paste into
>OpenOffice Writer it is always a rectangular picture the width and height
>being the outer most points of the cut.
>It all makes it pretty useless for what I need it for. Would you know of a
>way of getting this right?
You could try this, though it's a bit of a kludgey workaround :).

1. Make sure the layer you are working with has an alpha channel (Right
click the layer in the layers dialog->Add alpha channel).
2. After making the selection (oval, scissors, or whatever), invert the
selection. (Cntrl-I or Menu->Select->Invert)
3. Cut everything else out (Cntrl-X). Now these regions will all be
transparent, leaving only what you want.
4. Invert the selection again (Cntrl-I) returning to your original
5. Copy that (Cntrl-C) and try pasting it. Even if it pastes a
rectangular bounding box, everything other than what you want will not show.

Of course, save the original image elsewhere in case you do something


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